3 Workout Studios to Visit in Tustin

3 Workout Studios to Visit in Tustin, visit tustin, tustin ca, orange county ca

3 workout studios to visit in tustin

We’ve all had that problem. Maybe you haven’t found the time to pick up an exercise routine in a while, maybe you’re new in town, or maybe the weight training just isn’t for you. Whatever the reason might be, you’re looking for a new workout studio. Luckily, there are plenty of great options in and around Tustin that can fit all sorts of preferences. Here are 3 we think that everybody should consider!



Some might remember how quickly the spinning revolution flooded the fitness space, and for good reason. An intense workout to great music alongside people with the same mindset—what’s not to like? UnionRYDE is proud to continue this tradition, but in a way that’s always fresh and innovative. Founder Mindy Ferrantelli is an innovator in the spinning culture, after all, having pioneered the popular out-of-saddle spinning style.


If spinning is the kind of workout you need in your life, UnionRYDE is bound to get you hooked on their culture of hustle, and their dedicated instructors, and their great community. As their site says, “the studios are gathering places for RYDERS, and strangers often leave as friends.”


Enerji Barre

Maybe riding isn’t quite your style, but the music sounds like fun—we totally get that! If this sounds like you, you might want to check out Enerji Barre for Barre classes, HIIT, Pop Pilates, and their Dance Club Cardio. If you’re somebody that’s looking for a lot of fun and a lot of sweat, this might be the place for you.


The team describes the workout as “a high cardio dance party.” You’ll hit some light weights, workout at the barre, and finish out with abs and stretching. It’s high energy and full body, so definitely expect to be sore in the morning.


Caffe Yoga

For a slightly more static exercise experience, check out Caffe Yoga. This yoga studio sets out to be quite unique, with unique touches put together by local artists that might make the studio feel like a home away from home. Caffe Yoga promises to be a place with no judgment or expectations, where you can come and be yourself.


A variety of classes allows you to select the exercise that you’re looking for. Need something light and relaxing? Try the Reset and Restore class. Some more challenging strength building? Yogalates Fusion is a great option. With plenty of options and dedicated yogis, there’s a great class and exercise available for everybody who walks through the door.


We consider these to be some of the most unique and exciting workout studios you can find in Tustin, but there are certainly more options to explore. Did we miss your studio of choice? Let us know!

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