HOA and Property Management in Orange County, CA

Whether you are a homeowner in a Homeowners Association (HOA) community, part of the HOA board, or a contracted property management company in Orange County, CA, Horizon Roofing can provide essential and preventive maintenance and repair services that meet everyone’s needs when it comes to keeping your roofing in top condition, making it safe and aesthetically pleasing.

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Services For Single Family Homeowners In HOA Communities

As a single-family homeowner in an HOA community, you’re usually responsible for keeping your home in good repair and condition. There’s no more important element to keeping a home in good condition than a fully functioning roofing system.

While modern roofing materials are known for their long lifespan and durability, they’ll need preventative maintenance from time to time. It all starts with the thorough roof inspections that Horizon can provide. We can spot easy to take care of issues that can prevent big problems down the road like debris or minor damage to shingles or tiles. We’ll also give you a run down of which maintenance tasks need to be addressed soon, and which ones can wait until later.

When you do need major roofing repairs, you want a company that can get the job done right in the minimum time possible. We’re used to working with homeowners associations all over Orange County, so we’ll make sure that any repairs meet the requirements set forth in your CC&Rs.

Avoid any hassles with your HOA Board by keeping your roof looking and functioning great. Call Horizon Roofing at (714) 328-1967 to set up an inspection today.

Services For Condominiums And Townhomes

When it comes to multi-unit dwellings like condo buildings or townhomes, It’s usually the condominium board, or property management company that is responsible for getting roofing repairs done on behalf of all the building residents. The condo and townhome owners are depending on the board and management company to periodically have the roof inspected and get any repairs done in a timeline manner.

Condo and townhome residents have a legal right and expectation that they will be able to live in a safe and fully habitable structure. Water leaks and damage from roofing problems can lead to having to move out while the damage is repaired, and possibly destruction to their furniture and possessions inside. This is a huge inconvenience and can lead to major liability issues!

Instead of dealing with headaches like these, have Horizon perform periodic roof inspections. We’ll make sure that shingles, tiles, underlayments, gutters, and all other elements of a roofing system are functioning just as they should.

If repairs are needed, the sooner they can be done, the better. The longer you wait, the more extensive the repairs tend to be, and the greater the inconvenience to all the homeowners in the community.

Get started today by calling us at (714) 328-1967. We’ll have one of our expert roofing consultants perform a thorough inspection of your roof, no matter what type of structure or structures are part of your complex.

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Services For Property Managers

Condo associations contract with property management companies to handle all the details of keeping a condo or townhome complex in good repair and condition. As a property manager, you have a big responsibility to both the HOA and individual homeowners to make sure building roofs are ready to handle all that mother nature can throw at them.

Sun, wind, leaves, rain, and hail all take their toll on all types of roofing materials. Stay ahead of the game by getting your roofing inspected by Horizon. We’ll make sure that the most essential maintenance tasks are performed now, and give you an idea of what other preventative measures you’ll need to take down the road.

As a property management company, you have a lot of competition. By working with Horizon, you’ll be adding value to the services you offer. Our experience and expertise mean HOA’s and homeowners will feel safe and secure knowing that they can depend on their roof no matter what the weather brings. A community that looks great also keeps its property values high, something that all future sellers and buyers will appreciate.

Contact us today at (714) 328-1967 or fill out the form below to set up an estimate with one of our expert roofing consultants.