We’re not going to sugarcoat it. Yes, it is expensive to live in Huntington Beach. In 2015, Money Nation had Huntington Beach listed as the fifth most expensive city in the country, and while it might not be on any top 5 most expensive lists anymore, you can imagine that it hasn’t wandered into the budget territory.

Of course, a significant cost of living isn’t exactly unheard of when it comes to Orange County, and a beachside residence with perfect weather near highly-rated schools already sounds like it comes with a luxury price tag. But what exactly makes the city so expensive?


When it comes down to it, the biggest expense you’ll have to worry about in Huntington Beach is housing. This shouldn’t be a surprise, since housing is the biggest expense most people anywhere have, but Orange County housing tends to be a tad more significant. Huntington Beach is, of course, no exception.

According to Zero Down, the average rent for a 2-bed home in Huntington Beach is over $2000, while the median home price is just over a comfortable $1 million. To put that in context, that means that rent is 98% more expensive than the national average while owning a home is about 248% more expensive than the national average. In simpler terms, housing is quite expensive. However, as we mentioned, you are paying for a fantastic location in a very safe city with endless gorgeous views.


What might come as a surprise to a lot of people is that, while housing is undeniably pricey, the remaining expenses tend to be more manageable. Goods, services, and other regular expenses don’t tend to stray too far from the national average, with some costs like utilities even dipping under the national average. While rent and homeownership certainly come with a shocking price tag, the remaining cost of living is more or less average.

What this means, generally speaking, is that housing should be your main priority. If you can afford housing in Huntington Beach, you can likely afford the cost of living in general.

Huntington Beach is expensive, but you get what you pay for: miles of publicly accessible and surfable ocean, public beachside bonfire pits, one of the longest piers on the west coast, a thriving and diverse food scene, regular events, and live music happening year-round, and, of course, your own little slice of paradise. If you’re looking for a place to settle down in Orange County, Huntington Beach would be a great option for you to consider. Hope to see you here!

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