Residential Roofing in Anaheim, CA

Does your home’s roof have problems? Call Horizon Roofing, a residential roofing contractor in Anaheim, CA, to get the roofing solutions you need. We can take care of any of your roof maintenance, roof repair, or roof replacement needs.

Residential Roofing Repairs

Few components of your home are more important than the roof. When your roof functions properly, it protects your family and your property from the elements, regulates the temperature of your home, and provides structural integrity to your house. If your roof is damaged or improperly installed, these important functions can become compromised.

Fortunately, you can rely on the roofing experts at Horizon Roofing to diagnose and correct any of your roof’s deficiencies. Whether you have leaks, weather damage, insufficient insulation, termite damage, or other issues, you can rely on us to fix the problem.

We can also repair any type of roof, so whether you have a steeply pitched roof or a flat roof, we can get the job done and restore your roof to full functionality.

Residential Roofing Replacements

If your roof is beyond feasible repair, or if you simply want a change, we can also install a new roof of any kind, including:

  • Tile
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Composition shingles
  • Hot asphalt

We work with many different kinds of roofing materials and are happy to consult with you on the benefits of each. We’re happy to help you find the best roofing solution for your home.

Whether you decide that you want an aesthetic change or a completely new roof, our team of roofing contractors can complete the project to your satisfaction. We can also improve the quality of your new or existing roof with coating treatments, including waterproofing and solar guard coatings, to better protect your roof and your home from all types of weather.

If you need experienced residential roofing services in Anaheim, CA, contact Horizon Roofing today to schedule a roof inspection or consultation.