5 Places to Eat in Yorba Linda

Yorba Linda, 5 Places to Eat in Yorba Linda
Yorba Linda, 5 Places to Eat in Yorba Linda

5 Places to Eat in Yorba Linda

Originally founded as an agricultural town, Yorba Linda gets its name from the Don Bernardo Yorba Ranch. Bernardo Yorba was a wealthy man, and the city certainly lives up to this legacy. Yorba Linda has been considered among the best cities to live in the US, as well as the country’s wealthiest city at one point.

Great living isn’t all about the money, however, and what’s a great city without some great food? Luckily, there are plenty of amazing places in Yorba Linda to grab a delicious meal. Here are 5 places to eat in Yorba Linda.

Blue Agave

The Latin influence in Orange County is no secret, and it is celebrated in the food of many incredible establishments. Blue Agave is no exception. Combining Mexican, South American, and American Southwest flavors since 1994, the menu at Blue Agave will have you falling in love with different flavors every time you visit. Skirt steak quesadillas, Chimayo baby greens, Yucatan-style chicken—there’s something for everybody!

The Cantina is important to mention, too, since you’ll find an amazing assortment of great tequila, as well as other spirits, beer, and wine. Try one of the many delicious cocktails, like the Blue Agave Cadillac, or a Chile Mango Margarita.

Monarch 9

You shouldn’t have to choose between tasty food and eating healthy, and at Monarch 9, you don’t have to. This French-Vietnamese restaurant serves up some incredibly delicious traditional Vietnamese dishes, and they do so by using fresh and high-quality ingredients every single day. The traditional flavors of ginger, lime, lemongrass, mint, and coriander are scattered throughout their menu.

Have some fresh spring rolls as an appetizer, some vegan yellow curry or a banh mi to fill up, and a delicious espresso crème brulee to satisfy your palate. Don’t pass up on the delicious and refreshing soju cocktails, either!

Terra Wood-Fired Kitchen

Every city needs a great place to grab a slice, and when it comes to Yorba Linda, look no further than Terra Wood-Fired Kitchen. Back in 2015, “Pizzeria Terra” began to take their wood-fired artisan pizzas to farmers markets, street fairs, and private events. A few short years later in 2018, the project grew into a full-service restaurant and social dining destination.

Its roots are not lost, however, and you can find all sorts of delicious wood-fired pizzas on their menu, from their Artisan La Carne pie to their Braised Pulled Pork with whole milk mozzarella. You’ll also find a selection of delicious steak, seafood, and pasta options, as well as a brunch menu.

Karma Lounge

If you need your meals to come with a bit of a kick, you can never go wrong with Karma Lounge. Enhancing the subtle flavors of Indian cooking, Karma Lounge offers a mouthwatering selection of Indian dishes celebrating the traditional notes of cardamom, fennel, and anise.

From traditional platters to unique tapas, there will be something new to enjoy every time you visit. Chicken tikka, Lamb tawa masala, Malabar fish curry, Crispy okra…just making up your mind is a challenge by itself!

Evan’s Smokehouse BBQ

There isn’t much that great BBQ can’t fix, and when you’re in Yorba Linda, Evan’s Smokehouse is the place to be. Evan’s Smokehouse is an homage to great BBQ everywhere, with Pitmaster Evan Carl’s passion and soul being strengthened through traveling and working with BBQ icons such as Melissa Cookston and Myron Mixon. Time spent with other culinary icons like Geoffrey Zakarian and Kriss Harvey also makes Evan a culinary heavyweight both inside the pit and out.

Get your fix of the classics: low n’ slow smoked brisket, pulled pork, ribs, and chicken. Dig into some delicious samiches like the Austin Midnight and The Mother Clucker. Oh, and don’t forget to get your sweet fix with some good ol’ Banana Puddin’.

Yorba Linda is a great city for a lot of reasons, but if we’re only looking at food, it’s hard to beat. Did we miss any of your favorite local joints? Let us know!


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