Restaurants You Have to Try in Santa Ana

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Restaurants You Have to Try in Santa Ana

Known as the financial and government capital of Orange County, when you come to Santa Ana, you know that the city means business. You can’t pull off those titles on an empty stomach, however, and luckily Santa Ana has some great food that anybody can enjoy. Here are a few of our favorite restaurants in the city that you have to try!




Formerly known as Playground, Detention is an exciting and fresh dining experience. They describe themselves as a “boutique drinking and dining establishment,” and they proudly reject the status quo in order to chase their art and their work. Don’t let the laid-back atmosphere fool you, though. If you’re in Detention, you’re bound for a fantastic meal and drink.


Smoked ocean trout, dry-aged ribeye, gochujang glazed pork—just about everything on the menu is sure to make your mouth water. Grab a filet o’ shrimp or some onion rings if you’re just looking for a quick bar snack, and enjoy the selection of draft beer and house cocktails.


Chapter One: The Modern Local


For foodies and influencers alike, Chapter One: The Modern Local offers a vibrant selection of dishes and drinks that are just as good on the palate as they are on the eyes. The restaurant hosts live music events regularly, adding to the already great environment. Doors are open every day of the week, too.


Flatbreads and fish tacos, the infamous Royale with Cheese (resized appropriately), and some delicious steak and potatoes are all on the menu ready for hungry customers. Enjoy a Happy Ending with their delicious chocolate lava cake, or with an amazing white chocolate souffle.


Shabu Shabu


For a cool and not as represented dining experience, visit Shabu Shabu in Santa Ana. Thinly sliced meat and vegetables are served next to a bit of boiling water or dashi for guests to cook their meal right on the spot. Accompanying this freshly cooked bite with a bit of sauce makes for a flavorful and memorable mouthful.


The service is professional and the atmosphere is easy-going, great for relaxing after a long trip or work day. Order some sake, kick back, and enjoy your meal!


Ritter’s Steam Kettle Kitchen


For another great and unique dining experience that really packs a punch, visit Ritter’s Steam Kettle Kitchen. Primarily Cajun-style dishes with a regional flare, Ritter’s cooks their food in steam kettles right in front of the guests. Speak directly to the chef to learn more about the process, the food, and about how to get the most out of every bite!


Start out with some delicious chowder fries, bite down on a catfish po’ boy, and fill up on a perfectly prepared Jambalaya. Don’t forget to check out the house specialties: pan roasts and gumbo.


While there’s no way to make this list exhaustive, these four options have already got our mouths watering, and are four restaurants we think everybody should check out. Did we miss your favorite spot? Reach out and let us know!

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