What Is Roof Coating And Why You Should Opt To Coat Your Commercial Or Residential Roof

Roof Coatings, What Is Roof Coating And Why You Should Opt To Coat Your Commercial Or Residential Roof
Roof Coatings, What Is Roof Coating And Why You Should Opt To Coat Your Commercial Or Residential Roof

What Is Roof Coating And Why You Should Opt To Coat Your Commercial Or Residential Roof

So many home and property owners in Orange County have discovered the enormous benefits of applying a roof coating. This economical practice can add years of life to your roofing investment, keeping you dry and secure for years to come.


What Is A Roof Coating?

The process of coating a roof involves the application of a protective material to the surface of a roof. This creates a watertight membrane that repels both water and the harsh rays of the sun. 


There are many different types of coatings, and each tends to pair best with a particular type of existing roofing. The coating can be applied by brushes, rollers and even sprayed on. 


What Are The Types Of Roof Coating Available?

There are several varieties of roof coatings, and each has particular properties that can make it a great choice. An experienced roofer like Horizon can explain all of these to you in detail to help you make the best decision.


Acrylic Coating

This is a flexible type of coating that can be used on several types of roofing. One huge benefit of acrylic is the reduction of surface temperature. It’s possible that in some situations, the surface temperature of the roof itself can be reduced by as much as 20 degrees when acrylic coating is present.


Proper installation is essential when working with acrylic. It doesn’t like standing water, so it’s important to be applied in situations where puddles won’t develop on the roof surfaces. Application is best done in mild weather so it cures properly. This is where using an expert roofer like Horizon is essential. One reason that people really like acrylic is that it’s green and environmentally friendly. It’s also friendly on the wallet as this is one of the more cost effective choices for roof coatings.



This is a great choice for roofs where the ponding of water might take place. It’s also highly reflective of the sun, allowing for a reduction in summer energy costs. It also tends to be a bit more durable than acrylic, however it does cost a bit more. There are a few different limitations to silicone. It can hold dirt on the surface, so it may not be the best choice in dirty or dusty environments. On the other hand, the high level of flexibility makes this a great choice when there are big swings in temperature.



If there is going to be a lot of foot traffic on your roof, polyurethane is a great choice. Many environmentally conscious property and homeowners like it because it’s green and eco-friendly. It’s also highly durable, and tends to stay very clean. It can be applied over many different types of roof surfaces. While polyurethane is elastic for the normal changes in most roofs, it may not be the best choice where there are huge swings in temperatures.


Fluid-applied asphaltic rubber membrane

This type of coating is great for extending the lifespan of an aging roof. The membrane that forms after the application is totally waterproof and seamless. It’s completely waterproof and tends to be quite economical.


Should You Coat The Roof Of Your Home Or Business?

Roof coatings can be applied to just about any type of roof, new or old. Nearly any home or business owner would benefit from coating their roof, but there are certainly cases where it may not be worth it. Sometimes the roofing system is old and in need of so many repairs, replacement may be a better option.

However, it’s always worth scheduling an inspection and estimate with a roofing company like horizon. We can give you a complete cost benefit analysis of applying a roof coating, and why it may be a good option for you.


benefits of roof coatings:


Increased Roofing Lifespan

When you protect your shingles, tiles or foam with a watertight, UV barrier, it will cut down significantly on long term damage from the weather. The cost of materials and application can be a high value for your money considering how much longer your existing roof may last. The number one enemy to a roofing system is water. Since roof coatings form a waterproof barrier, this ensures that water will stay outside, where it belongs.


Energy savings

Now more than ever, people are very concerned about not only being friendly to the environment, they also want to save money on their heating and cooling bills. Roof coatings are great for this, as they repel the rays of the sun, keeping the interior cooler. In the winter months, the coating may also prevent heat loss, meaning the interior of a home or office will stay warmer, cutting down on heating costs.


Looks great

Roof coatings can give an aging roof that “like new” appearance. Since it resists the weathering impact of sun and rain, it will stay looking clean and fresh for years to come.


Can I Apply A Roof Coating Myself?

These days, it seems that expertise is as close as watching a video on the internet. The reality is that while it’s fine to do occasional projects around the house, roofing is best left to the experts. Experienced, reliable roofers like Horizon can tell you exactly what type of roof coating will work the best in your situation and with your budget. Our roofing contractors will begin with thorough preparation of the surface, including an inspection to make sure that any necessary smaller repairs are taken care of first. We know exactly what to look for and how to fix it. When it comes to application, we make sure everything goes on evenly, getting in and around every surface. We then ensure that the coating is properly cured. Working on a roof presents its own safety challenges, and our contractors are experienced and prepared at all times. 


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