5 Best Restaurants in Mission Viejo

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5 best Restaurants in Mission Viejo

Mission Viejo is largely recognized as the largest master-planned area in the country, boasting an incredibly low crime rate, the beautiful California weather, and an intelligently structured community. Incredible parks, amazing schools, Olympic history, and an overall great environment even landed the city in Money Magazine’s 50 best places to live!

What’s life, however, without good food? Luckily, Mission Viejo’s highly ranked status doesn’t come without some culinary excitement as well. There’s a lot to explore and enjoy, but here are our picks for the best places to grab a bite in Mission Viejo.

1. Shish Taouk

This Mediterranean joint with an open kitchen concept champions two things: transparency and accountability. Fresh and authentic food is made with the finest, freshest ingredients and halal meats, offering some mouthwatering Chicken Pita and Beef Shawarma, among other favorites. Great service, great portions, and great prices quickly made Shish Taouk a community favorite.

In their own words, “Our secret is a very unique blend of a Lebanese spices passed down from generation to generation to create what many food critics have described as the perfectly spiced Falafel or Shawarma Sandwich.” That’s enough to make our mouths water!

2. Gamecraft Brewing

Some of the most memorable places are also the most unique, and Mission Viejo is home to quite a few of these special spots—Gamecraft Brewing is one of them. A love for craft brewing and a love for having fun, the team at Gamecraft Brewing have created a space for great beer, great food, great games, and just a good time overall.

From Karaage Chicken to classic hot wings, flatbreads to empanadas, and some fantastic smash burgers, there’s something special for everybody’s preferences.

3. Ironwood

Moving upscale can run the risk of feeling out of touch, but Ironwood has managed to remain a local favorite—and for good reason. A sophisticated dining experience with specialty cocktails, amazing appetizers including a delicious charcuterie board, and creatively mouthwatering dishes like the Zinfandel Braised Napa Lamb Shank…what’s not to love?

One look (and bite) of your main course will make it clear why this spot is such a local favorite. Two bites and it’s sure to become a favorite of yours as well!

4. Greek Bistro

Gyros, spanakopita, falafel, lamb—it’s hard to wrong with Greek food, and it’s hard to go wrong with Greek Bistro. This family owned and operated Greek spot will serve you some of the best Greek food you’ve ever had with some of the best service you’ve ever encountered, making you feel like you’re already part of the family—or, like you’re already in Greece.

Catch happy hour for half off your drinks to make it an even more memorable experience!

5. Domenico’s on the Lake

No American food scene is complete without an amazing slice of pie, and Domenico’s on the Lake is not one to disappoint. The original location on in Belmont Shore was one of the first restaurants to serve pizza in California, way back in 1954. Decades later, Domenico’s is still a local icon and a family favorite among locals, offering much more than pizza alone.

We consider this list to be a good and memorable selection of local favorites that’ll leave both residents and visitors more than satisfied, but there’s certainly more of Mission Viejo to explore. Did we miss your favorite spot? Let us know!

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