5 Best Restaurants in Costa Mesa

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5 Best Restaurants in Costa Mesa

Affectionately and appropriately nicknamed the “City of the Arts,” Costa Mesa is a beautiful beachside city in Orange County offering plenty of attractions and activities to be discovered and enjoyed for visitors and locals alike. The city is a popular center for visual arts and is also known colloquially as a mecca for shopping.


Avid shoppers will know, of course, that serious shopping is no easy feat, and it’s easy to work up an appetite. Luckily, Costa Mesa is also home to an impressive food scene with an exciting variety to choose from. There are more than plenty delicious food joints to discover something new every time you’re in town, but if you want our advice, here are our 5 favorite restaurants from the bunch.


Folks Pizzeria


Every town needs their favorite pizza joint, and Costa Mesa certainly has one of their own. Chef Joey Booterbaugh brings the flavor with some naturally leavened dough that might very well be the secret to these memorable pies.


Located inside THE CAMP, expect to find both red and white pies, from a classic margherita pizza to a soppressata pizza sporting olives, fontina, mozzarella, basil, and chili oil. Don’t miss out on the salads and desserts either—this menu’s full of gems.


Din Tai Fung


Chains can be hit or miss, but most chains can’t boast a prestigious Michelin Star. Din Tai Fung, famously, can! This international and excellent steamed noodle joint has locations in a few lucky cities from Taiwan to Australia, South Korea to Japan, and, of course, right here in Costa Mesa.


Whether you’re driving through or you’re a Costa Mesa resident, this is certainly one food spot you can’t miss. From the spicy wontons to the Xiao Long Bao and, of course, the dumplings, there’ll be something new to blow your mind (and your tastebuds) every time.


Taco María


No SoCal restaurant list is complete without an upscale Mexican-inspired menu, and again, Costa Mesa is ready to impress. Taco María is a local gem scoring yet another Michelin Star for the list, boasting the impressive cuisine of Chef Carlos Salgado, which he calls Alta California.


Start off your meal with some aguachile or the spicy and mouthwatering camarones a la diabla; Mole de pato tacos are an entrée that is sure to impress anyone; some delicious arroz con leche to finish. Tradition is important to Chef Salgado, and as he says: Sin maíz, no hay país (without corn, there is no country).


Wine Lab


If wine and dine is more your deal, Costa Mesa’s Wine Lab might be the perfect place for you. All of these impressive listings are great for a bit of culinary adventure, but sometimes we just want to sit back and enjoy a glass of wine. True to Costa Mesa culture, however, this isn’t just another wine bar.


As their website says, a lab is where people discover and learn. The Wine Lab doesn’t just have a lot of great wines ready for you to enjoy, the team is dedicated to constantly exploring and expanding their collection, especially to include wines from small family vineyards and artisan producers. The team will help you find the perfect bottle for you, which you can enjoy with a selection of delicious and expertly crafted cheese platters.


Umami Burger


Finally, who doesn’t love a great burger? Costa Mesa is home to an Umami Burger store, serving some of the best gourmet burgers around. Delicious shakes and cocktails, branded buns, and plenty of truffle aioli to go around, this burger joint is certainly one for the books. Not a carnivore? There are impossible burgers on the menu!


All of these restaurants are top of the line and memorable, but when it comes to Costa Mesa, there are so many other great places that definitely could have made this list. Did we miss your favorite spot? Let us know!

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