Termite Damage Repair

Termite Damage Repair in Orange County, CA

Discovering termite damage is always unwelcome news for any property owner in Orange County. The prospect of expensive tenting and replacement of damaged areas can seem daunting to say the least. The good news is that Horizon Roofing can provide expert analysis of termite damaged roof areas, giving you the most cost effective options for repair. Contact us today at (714) 328-1967 to set up a free termite damage repair consultation.

Termites Thrive In Orange County

You’ll find termites in Orange County and all other areas of Southern California. Because there are different types of termites, they seem to persist in all climates and all seasons. Nationwide, these tiny pests are responsible for billions of dollars in damage every year! 

Drywood termites are usually the biggest culprit when it comes to roofing. Though we tend to have a pretty dry climate here in Orange County, there’s still plenty of moisture for these destructive insects to live.  They also don’t need any contact with the soil which is why they are such a threat to all your roofing surfaces: fascia boards, rafters, plywood subroofing and more. They will often seek out moist areas of roofing, then attack the dry wood.

How Do You Know If You Have Termites?​

Due to their small size, it can often be difficult to even know if you are dealing with a termite problem until there is significant damage. This is why getting regular inspections from an expert roofer like Horizon is essential to keeping your repair costs small and manageable.

While it takes a professional to find a termite’s nest and accurately assess the damage, there are a few signs to be on the lookout for. If you spot any of these issues, be sure to contact Horizon as soon as possible. 

Loose Shingles

First, always be on the lookout for shingles or tiles that are loose or missing. This can be a sign of multiple problems, including termites. In any case, those need to be inspected and repaired quickly.

Sagging, Bubbling And Discoloration

Outside, if you spot any discolored or sagging wood, You’ll want to have that looked at. Inside, if you see drywall that looks like it’s gotten wet or most, this can be a sign of moisture penetration from the roof. Where there is moisture or water, that can easily be an entry point for termites to set up shop!

Holes and Wood Loss

Another sure sign of termite damage is little “kickout” holes that termites make as they eat then dispose of the wood. These holes may come and go as the termites plug them up. People will also sometimes see other holes or channels dug by termites that are a telltale sign that you have an infestation.

Pellets And Wings

It sounds gross, but all the wood that termites eat has to go somewhere! If you see little piles of tiny sand-like pellets, or any mysterious looking material, it might be termite droppings. They may even shed parts of their bodies like wings, which you’ll find scattered around a termite infested area.

The sooner you get these issues inspected, the better chance you have of keeping your repairs smaller and more localized. Remember, the signs of termite infestation can be subtle or non-existent, which is why it’s so important to get your roof inspected before you have a major problem. Be sure to contact Horizon right away for a free consultation.

How Horizon Deals With Termites In Orange County, CA

When you give us a call, we’ll set up a time for one of our expert roofers to take a look for any signs that termites have set up shop in your roofing system. The good news is that if the infestation hasn’t progressed very far, the nest can be removed and the damaged area can be repaired.

It is especially important to deal with any areas that are prone to accumulating moisture or water so that the termites don’t come back. We’ll carefully inspect all elements of your roofing system to make sure everything is functioning as it should. We’ll also give you tips on protecting your whole home from termites.

Call The Professionals At Horizon For Your Free Orange County Roofing Inspection Today!

We have the experience and know how to identify and repair all types of termite damage found here in Orange County, CA. Don’t assume that just because you don’t see termites, they aren’t doing damage to your roofing system. It’s much smarter to make the small investment now in detection and repair, then to be forced to replace large portions or even all of your roofing down the line. Contact us today at (714) 328-1967 to find out about how Horizon can help you prevent termite damage throughout your roofing system, and ensure it functions for years to come.

Case Study: Termite Damage Repair Services in the Santa Ana, CA Area

Termite treatment and repairs for damage cost billions of dollars in the United States every year – by some estimates, more than $5 billion! Despite the fact that termite colonies can grow quite large, it can be difficult for homeowners to detect termite infestations without professional help. Termite inspectors will look for warning signs of termites, including mud tubes, termite droppings, exit or kick out holes, bubbling or peeling paint, and wood damage.

The photo below shows a colony of termites being evicted or disturbed.

Live Termites

In the next photo, you will see the extent of damage caused by termites and dry-rot. You will notice water damaged which in turn breeds termites in their environment.

Sub Roof with Termite & Dry Rout Wood Repair

In the following photo, you will see a clay tile roof repaired by Horizon Roofing. You will notice the sub roof has been covered over with a waterproofing membrane.

Spanish S-Type Cay Tile Finished Project

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