Tile Roofing Services in Orange County, CA

Tile Roofing Services in Orange County, CA

Tile roofs are beautiful, long-lasting, and energy-efficient. That’s why so many people in Southern California choose them. It’s no surprise that tile roofs have been used on homes for centuries. Travel the world and you’ll see these gorgeous roofs on homes in Spain, France, Greece, Italy, and many more places. If you are looking for a tile roof, contact Horizon and our experts can break down all the great reasons to choose this type of roofing material.

Environmentally friendly

Many people in Orange County want to select roofing materials that are both great looking and green. That’s where tile roofs fit in. They don’t just look great, they are great for the environment. Because tile roofs are usually made from earth materials, they are extremely environmentally friendly to manufacture and can make a home much more energy-efficient.

Tile roofs are great for our warm, southern California climate. They can often reduce your need for air conditioning in the summer by keeping cool air in, and hot air out. This keeps you stay cool and saves money. During the winter months, they can help keep your home insulated and warm, cutting down on your heating costs.

So many styles to choose from

Our customers want lots of choices to express their style, and to look great in their neighborhood. Tile roofs come in so many colors, from the classic terracotta with just about any other shade you can think of. Some people prefer the classic southwestern look of Spanish tiles. There’s other types to choose from as well such as French, Riviera, flat shake style, double Roman or scanida tiles.

We can match you with the best style, and in the best material. Some people prefer the look of clay, while others, concrete. We can help you find the style that looks and performs the best on your house and in your neighborhood.

Expert Tile Roof installation

At Horizon, we are your tile roofing experts. We will work with you to select the best type of tile for you. Our professional installers will make sure every aspect of your structure is strong and secure to support the tile and the waterproofing materials underneath.

Because tile roofs can be very heavy, it’s crucial to work with a licensed and experienced roofing contractor like Horizon. We have the expertise to make sure your roof can handle the extra load of these beautiful tiles.

Tile roofs are extremely durable, but can crack if they are improperly installed or walked on. That’s why Horizon roofers are careful every step of the way, ensuring your roof will stand the test of time.

We work with several great manufacturers of clay and concrete tiles and can help match you with the right one for your home or commercial structure. When installed correctly, most manufacturers provide an extremely long warranty. We’ll help you every step of the way to make sure your roof is installed the right way.

Horizon, the Southern California tile roofing experts

Don’t trust your roof to just anyone. Horizon prides itself on having the highest level of workmanship and knowledge to get the job done right. We start by inspecting the structure of your existing roof to see if it can handle the load of a tile roof. We’ll make any structural additions if necessary.


From there we’ll install a durable plywood and underlayment insuring a strong structure and long lasting waterproof seal. Placing the tiles is best left to experienced experts. We’ll carefully put the tiles down so they look and perform perfectly.


Tile roofs don’t usually require a lot of maintenance, but it’s a great idea to have qualified professionals like Horizon take a look periodically to make sure small repairs don’t become big ones.

A Tile Roofing Project we did in Fullerton, CA 

Few roof products are as beautiful or enduring as Boral concrete roof tiles. With so many styles and colors to choose from, you’ll find that adding a tile roof to your home is one of the easiest and most effective ways to complement its look and increase its value. In the photo below, you will see a beautiful design of Saxony Slate roof tiles.

You will see a slate tile roof we installed in the next photo. You will notice slate captures the appearance of natural slate while delivering the inherent benefits of concrete tile.

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