3 Attractions in the City of Orange

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3 Attractions in the City of Orange

Orange County has no shortage of interesting cities, and the city of Orange is no exception. Appropriately, the city is historically well known for producing large amounts of oranges, and despite recent growth in business and being home to Chapman University, one of the most attractive qualities of Orange is its small-town charm.


Orange is perhaps most well known for its International Street Fair which draws visitors from all over to celebrate culture from around the world. If you aren’t around for the Street Fair, however, there are still plenty of things to do and see! Here are 3 attractions we think everybody should check out while in Orange.


The Plaza

Orange’s charm as a small-town community might seem paradoxical at first, because the population of over 100 thousand people seems to tell a different story. Nevertheless, this reputation comes from the lovely and carefully preserved heart of the city: The Plaza.


The city is one of California’s oldest, and The Plaza honors this legacy by maintaining the style and architecture that has formed the basis for Orange for over a century. While you’ll find modern shops and businesses, even the Starbucks building looks like it’s been pulled out of a history book. The Plaza is the social epicenter of Orange, and you’re bound to find all sorts of activities being held here.


Hilbert Museum of California Art

Speaking of celebrating culture, Orange is also home to the Hilbert Museum of California Art. Founded not too long ago in 2016, the museum hosts a collection of oils, watercolors, and drawings depicting everyday landscapes of the Golden State through the eyes of California artists.


Co-founder Mark Hilbert says: “this [is] the first museum anywhere that is totally dedicated to the display of California Scene and California representational art. The intent will be to cast a spotlight on this style of painting and these amazing artists, and to make this art known around the world. California has its own style, its own light, its own distinct landscape.”


Orange County Zoo

Who doesn’t love the zoo? The city of Orange is also home to the Orange County Zoo located inside Irvine Regional Park. This zoo houses animals native to the southwestern US, and is dedicated to keeping them healthy and well. Most of the animals are injured or not releasable into the wild for one reason or another, so it’s a good thing they have such a caring home and family at the OC Zoo! Expect to see a bald eagle, a mountain lion, and a black bear on your visit.


Of course, there are more sights to see when visiting the wonderful city of Orange—these are just our favorites. Did we miss yours? Let us know!

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