3 Restaurants the Whole Family Will Love in Garden Grove

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3 Restaurants the Whole Family Will Love in Garden Grove

Garden Grove in Orange County is a wonderful city with a lively and diverse population. The large Vietnamese-American population sets the stage for Orange County’s Little Saigon, and the various stage theaters make Garden Grove a popular destination for theater enthusiasts everywhere. Theater isn’t the only artform that Garden Grove takes seriously, though.


Food is an important part of any creative culture, but in Garden Grove, foodies are celebrated. There are delicious and unique options for just about any crowd, including families. Here are 3 great restaurants in Garden Grove that the whole family will love!


Louie’s on Main

Who doesn’t love burgers? Sandwiches? Tacos? Chicken nuggets? You get the idea. At Louie’s on Main, there’s always something for everybody on the menu—for adventurous and picky eaters alike. There’s great beer and drinks on the menu for the adults, but the sit-down environment is great for the whole family.


Try the mouthwatering Cubano sandwich; the 1/3 pound Dean’s burger with bacon, avocado, and grilled onion; or the Baja Shrimp tacos with salsa verde and pico de gallo. There are vegetarian items clearly marked on the menu, too, so nobody feels left out.


Augustino’s Italian Restaurant

Nothing says “family meal” like Italian food, and once you try Augustino’s, you’ll see why it’s the most popular Italian spot in the city. Great pasta, hot pizza, and some mouthwatering garlic knots—what more could you ask for?


From the classic Margherita pie to the controversial Hawaiian pizza, everyone can find something they love on the menu. Delicious calzones, Philly cheese steak sandwiches, Italian subs, and Manicotti. Don’t forget to order some tiramisu and cannoli for dessert!


Bird Talk Chicken

There’s something special about chicken that just finds its way across countries, across cultures, and, of course, across families. A sit-down family staple in any presentation, chicken is a great option for any family meal, and at Bird Talk, only perfectly cooked pieces make it out of the kitchen.


Order some obligatory chicken sandwiches, some tenders for the kids, wings, sides like fried pickles and loaded tots, and even a whole chicken if that’s what you need. With many sauces to choose from, your whole family will be licking their fingers clean by the end of the meal.

We mentioned that there’s a whole lot of good food in Garden Grove, and that was no lie. These are our favorite picks for great places to eat with the whole family, but there are certainly more restaurants to visit. Did we miss your favorite? Let us know!

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