3 Upscale Restaurants in Laguna Niguel

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3 Upscale Restaurants in Laguna Niguel

The master-planned community of Laguna Niguel has so much to offer residents and visitors alike, especially when it comes to showing off the beautiful Orange County outdoors. For many, Laguna Niguel is the place to be when it comes to parks and trails, as well as a vibrant community of art and culture. You can’t have great culture, of course, without great food, and Laguna Niguel delivers here too, especially when it comes to upscale dining. Looking for an upscale dining experience in Laguna? We’ve got you covered.


Hendrix Restaurant and Bar


When you hear the word “rotisserie,” chicken is probably the first thing that comes to mind—and not in a particularly fine dining sense either. Hendrix will certainly turn that concept on its head for you. When you walk into the restaurant, you’re greeted by a huge rotisserie that showcases whole chickens, porchetta, and an entire leg of lamb. It’s a sight and smell that’ll make you salivate, and what this protein turns into will make your jaw drop altogether.

Rotisserie protein might turn into the Leg of Colorado Corn Fed Lamb which is dressed in mint-garlic labneh and au jus, or in the beautiful Pork Belly accompanied by pickled veggies. Rotisserie isn’t the only thing on the menu either. Soups, salads, and mouthwatering starters like the Hamachi Crudo will make deciding what to order an existential crisis.


L’Hirondelle Restaurant


Technically just outside Laguna Niguel in San Juan Capistrano, L’Hirondelle has been offering continental cuisine with a strong French and Belgian influence since 1982. This quaint, cozy, and romantic restaurant will surpass your expectations with everything from the excellent service to the delicious food and wine. Local regulars even say it gets better every time!
Order some amazing wine to go with the Tarragon Chicken dressed in creamy Dijon mustard sauce, or the Volcano Lamb Shank that’s simmered in Merlot wine sauce. Finish off your meal with a beautifully caramelized Crème Brulee, or a delicious Coupe Maison.


The Bistro K


Every dish has its story and, often, the places where we dine have stories that are just as interesting; Bistro K is one of these places. The restaurant’s story starts with three brothers who all grew up loving to cook, so much so that their competition to prepare the best dishes led them on enriching journeys as chefs throughout the world. One brother, Tony Bagatta, eventually made his way down to SoCal from Cape Town, where his establishment would be a popular destination for some big names—Jerry Lewis and Neil Armstrong, to name a couple. His daughter, Katia, would also inherit this love for cuisine, and came to welcome happy guests into Bistro K in 2008.


The Bistro serves delicious and satisfying meals that are a blend of traditional Italian recipes and exciting new flavors. With incredible pasta like the Seafood Pappardelle and entrées such as the Brazilian Moqueca, there is no doubt you’ll be tasting the generations of dedication to flavor in every bite.

These are some of our absolute favorite locations for upscale dining in and around Laguna Niguel that are sure to impress each and every time, but as things go, there are certainly more places to explore and enjoy! Did we miss your favorite upscale spot? Reach out and let us know!


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