4 Fun Things to do with the Family in Garden Grove

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4 Fun Things to do with the Family in Garden Grove

The Orange County city of Garden Grove is particularly well known for its dedication to theater, with theater enthusiasts being able to enjoy various performances at the three local stage theaters. Stage plays aren’t always the easiest events to attend with children, however. Luckily, Garden Grove is also home to many children and family friendly events and activities that you’ll love to explore! Here are 4 fun things to do with the family in Garden Grove.


Historic Main Street

Museums can be difficult to visit with children, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still explore a piece of history on a family trip. Garden Grove’s historic main street is a great way to turn back time and find yourself surrounded by period buildings, antique shops, and vintage memorabilia.

From restaurants to theaters, there are all sorts of businesses you’ll find while walking down main street. You’ll also be able to catch different events like live shows as well as the classic car show every Friday night. There’s almost always something to see!


Atlantis Play Center

If you’re looking for something to really tire your kids out, especially when there’s heat, look no further than the Atlantis Play Center! With all of the traditional aspects of a great park plus a splash pad, a fun theme, and plenty of shade, this will definitely be one of your kids’ favorite parks in no time.

There’s plenty of room for picnics, which makes it a great spot for the whole family. Many people also love how safe the park feels, especially since children are only allowed with adults and adults are only allowed with children. The ocean theme also gives the park a special charm that everybody loves.


Garden Grove Strawberry Festival

If you happen to be in town during Memorial Day weekend, the Garden Grove Strawberry Festival is an event that you can’t miss! Garden Grove’s roots are in agriculture, and this festival celebrates that history and the famous strawberries many decades later.

There are loads of fun and quirky events to enjoy, like the Strawberry Stomp 5k, the parade, and many live music performances. The Berry, berry beautiful baby contest and the Red headed round up contest are another couple of quirky events that make the festival all the more memorable!


Nickel! Nickel! 5 Cent Games

There’s something a bit nostalgic about an arcade setting that makes it quite a bit of fun for children and parents alike. Luckily, in Garden Grove, you can enjoy this experience with the whole family at Nickel! Nickel! 5 Cent Games. From Pinball to more modern racing simulations, there’ll be something for everybody to enjoy, and an impressive redemption counter to take something home as well!

The diverse city Garden Grove has so much to offer in so many ways, and while these are our favorite family-friendly activities, these certainly aren’t the only family things to do in town! Did we miss your favorite ones? Reach out and let us know! 

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