4 Places To Visit In Santa Ana

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4 Places To Visit In Santa Ana

Southern California has no shortage of beautiful scenery and amazing experiences to offer, and the city of Santa Ana is certainly no exception. The lovely Orange County weather coupled with the signature SoCal views would make any trip to Santa Ana time well spent on its own. Of course, as is the case across the OC, great weather and great views aren’t everything this wonderful city has to offer. There are plenty of entertaining and unique things to do and see while in town! Here are 4 places to visit in Santa Ana.


The Frida Cinema


Santa Ana is the second-most populous city in Orange County, and nearly 80% of that population is Latinx. Naturally, then, it makes sense that the culture of the city should reflect this lineage. The Frida Cinema is a great example of this.


Frida Kahlo was an iconic Mexican painter and a significant political icon whose legacy has been more than solidified in contemporary feminist and queer movements. Her dedication to art and perseverance are precisely what The Frida Cinema embodies, aiming to enrich and educate communities through cinema. No Hollywood movies here; as they say themselves, The Frida Cinema is “OC’s year-long film festival.”


The Discovery Cube


Enriching and educating communities is a multi-faceted effort, of course, and just as cinema is incredibly important to an enriched community, so is science. Formerly known as the Discovery Science Center, the Discovery Cube offers hands-on science exhibits that challenge, encourage, and educate children.


Although quality education at an early age is one of the Discovery Cube’s fundamental pillars, that certainly doesn’t mean that parents will be bored on the trip! There are plenty of interesting and exciting exhibits to explore, such as the Science of Hockey exhibit, the Dino Quest exhibit, and the Cloud Rings exhibit. At what age does creating clouds right in front of your eyes get boring?


The Santa Ana Zoo


There are few places as charming as a great zoo for children and parents alike, and the Santa Ana Zoo is a great option. This exotic walk through nature is a refreshing break from the urban and master-planned communities of Orange County.


As is often the case with zoos, the Santa Ana Zoo is dedicated to preservation efforts, housing multiple endangered species. These efforts are a great opportunity to focus public interest, as well as to support scientific advances that help protect these creatures against dangers like habitat destruction. The Golden Lion Tamarin, the Ring Tailed Lemur, and the Cotton Top Tamarin are a few examples of some of the beautiful endangered species you can bump into on your visit.


Blinking Owl Distillery


While we love kid-friendly options, not every option has to be kid-friendly! Here’s an example of a great place to visit for those of age: the very first craft distillery in Orange County. Even more so, Blinking Owl Distillery is one of the first Californian distilleries to hold a Type 74 Craft Distillers License, which means you’ll be able to enjoy tastings on the premises, as well as take home a bottle or two.


Certainly a place for spirit enthusiasts, you’ll find a small selection of award-winning bottles that are a special occasion in and of themselves. All locally sourced, Blinking Owl Distillery spirits include Blinking Owl Vodka, Blinking Owl Gin, Blinking Owl California Straight Bourbon, and Blinking Owl Aquavit, a Scandinavian tradition with a Californian twist.


Santa Ana is a wonderful city home to amazing gems like these and many more. These are our favorite places to visit while in town, but there’s certainly more to discover. Did we miss your favorite spot? Let us know!

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