5 Workout Studios to Visit in Yorba Linda

5 Workout Studios to Visit in Yorba Linda, Workout Studios, yorba linda

5 Workout Studios to Visit in Yorba Linda

Yorba Linda is a beautiful little city in Orange County with plenty to do, see, and enjoy. Don’t take our word for it—it has been considered among the best cities to live in the US, as well as among the wealthiest. Good living isn’t just about food and money, however. Everyone should be able to move their body and sweat a little, and in a great city, there are great options! Here are 5 great workout studios you should check out in Yorba Linda.  



If you’re looking to get strong but the regular weight-lifting routine isn’t quite your speed, Wellbee’s bootcamp might be the perfect option for you. The bootcamp is a one-hour-long class that alternates between different routines aimed at increasing your performance and fitness in dynamic and exciting ways. You’ll move quickly between fun and challenging workouts, alternating between aerobic and strength-training activities, for a tough workout that’ll leave you glowing with sweat.


For those looking for an even more holistic workout routine, other Wellbee locations also offer spin classes and yoga classes. Incorporating all three of these into your regimen can be a great way of having a balanced, varied, and exciting exercise routine that never gets old.



If yoga is your exercise of choice, YogaSix is the place in Yorba Linda to be. The team at YogaSix believe that yoga is a personal practice, but that it should be shared together with an uplifting and supportive community. All instructors are trained in the YogaSix methodology, meaning that they will provide unique and creative experiences while keeping consistent.


Of course, yoga is not a one-size-fits-all activity, so YogaSix offers 6 different core classes to choose from. From learning the basics to taking it too hot and strong, YogaSix is ready to guide you through your yoga journey, no matter your fitness goals.  


Club Pilates

For another way to get moving, pilates is a great option for everybody. At Club Pilates, you can find a class that’s great for you, no matter your age and ability level. Club Pilates believes that this kind of exercise helps you move better, stand taller with more confidence, and live better overall, helping get more out of your days. Classes run from beginner to reformer, control, cardio, and so much more. No matter what your fitness goals are, there’s a class for you!



If you’re looking for low-impact, high-intensity full-body workouts that are also a ton of fun, AKT might be the place for you. AKT combines cardio and dance with strength training and toning, and is accessible at any fitness level, so everybody can get strong to these specially curated playlists.


From Intro to AKT to Bands, Tone, and Dance, AKT has a great workout plan for everybody. There’s a big focus on rhythm and dance, but if dancing isn’t your thing, there are great options for you to get fitter to the beat. Not sure what your style is? AKT’s free Intro class will help you get on track.


Funktional Fitness

If there’s one thing that could be in everybody’s fitness goals, it’s functionality. Big muscles are cool, but making sure your body is ready to handle real-life tasks beyond posing is cool, too. Funktional Fitness brings a scientific and functional approach to fitness, working small groups of 8 members at a time, while also keeping individual goals and assessments centered.


Members at Funktional Fitness are in great hands. The owner, Edgar Zunigabravo, fell in love with fitness while in the marines, and continued that passion through his Kinesiology degree and many different exercise experiences. Now, he and the team offer group weight training classes, intense cardio burn classes, and so much more.


The best part about having so many workout options is that you have a chance to find something that you really enjoy, and that’s the ultimate secret of a successful workout routine. In order to commit to something, you have to enjoy it. Have you found your perfect sweat in one of these workout studios? 

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