How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Roof?

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How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Roof?

The cost to repair a roof will be dependent on a few different factors. These factors include the damage, the cause of the damage, the size of the roof that needs repair, as well as the labor required. The major factor, however, is the material of the roof. A typical roof repair can cost anywhere between $367 and $1,592. Smaller roof repairs can cost anywhere between $150 and $400. In addition, labor can be between $45 and $75 an hour. 


If the fix is simple and you are able to do it, then it could cost you only around $10 to $100 depending on what is in need of repair. Certain things such as cracked flashing and skylight leaks are able to be easily fix. However, if you are not comfortable making the fix yourself then let a professional handle it.


Cost According to Material

There are many different types of materials that make up your roof, some being easier to repair than others. The following is the average cost for each material:


  • Metal: The repair for a metal roof can cost around $1,600.

  • Asphalt shingles: This repair on average costs around $875.

  • Composite roofing: A repair for composite roofing is cheaper with an average of $450, however, these are more prone to damage than asphalt shingles. 

  • Wood shake: The cost to install wood shake is pretty expensive, but the cost to repair it is only around $750. 

  • Slate: Repair of a slate roof will cost around $1,570.

  • Tile: While a new tile roof is higher than a repair, repairs still cost around $1,000.

  • Flat: Flat roofs include foam and single-ply roofs and have an average repair cost of about $400. 


What Causes a Need for Roof Repairs? 

There are a few different reasons for needing a roof repair, but most are comparable. The following are some problems that might arise and would be in need of repair:


  • Missing shingles: Shingles can be blown off or lifted up if the wind is strong leaving the roof exposed.

  • Flashing issues: Flashing that is in need of repair can cause leakage. Flashing is used to redirect water in order to protect your roof, but the roof can start leaking if the flashing is damaged or becomes loose. This flashing can be located around skylights, roof valleys, chimneys, or vent pipes. 

  • Sagging roof: Sometimes a roof can begin to sag due to weight, rot, and general wear and tear, among other things. 

  • Ice dams: These form when snow that melted refreezes causing a buildup or wall of ice. These ice dams make it hard for runoff to make it to gutters. 

  • Bad roof pitch: If your roof has a low slope then it could be easily damaged by wind. Low sloped roofs also aren’t the best for runoff during rain.   


Will Insurance Cover Roof Repairs?

Whether your insurance covers the roof repairs will be heavily dependent on two things: your specific insurance policy and what caused the damage. Each insurance policy will be different. You may be able to get roof repair coverage through homeowners’ insurance, or it may not be offered at all. 


Homeowners’ insurance will usually cover some sort of roof repair that was caused by natural occurrences, such as a hailstorm or a fallen tree. If the leak occurred due to age, lack of maintenance, or general wear and tear, then your insurance policy may not cover it at all. You’ll have to read your policy carefully or speak with an insurance agent to determine what your policy’s roof repair stipulates are.   


Where to Look for Leaks in Your Roof

Though there are many different reasons for repairing a roof, leaks are the most common and can be the most detrimental. Your roof could be made of a variety of different materials, but there are still some areas that are more common to leak no matter what the material. You can check these spots for any sign of damage:


  • Flashing: Flashing is the metal that attaches vents and ducts to your roof, and it can age. Certain parts of vents that connect with the roof can deteriorate or crack causing leakage. The repair of any flashing is usually somewhere between $10 and $20. 

  • Vertical slits: These are slits that are found between shingles. Water can go within the slits, and they can become corroded. Vertical slits can be bought in bundles and cost around $30 per bundle. 

  • Chimneys: The chimney itself can be cracked somewhere which can allow water in between the flashing of it. Masonry caulk and flashing sealant can also be the cause of the leak due to corrosion. The chimney flashing can cost around $20, while the masonry caulk and flashing sealant are around $5. 

  • Valleys: Valleys are where two panels that are sloped come together at a perpendicular angle. If the valleys are roughly cut, water could sneak its way into the gaps under the shingles which can cause leakage. Flashing products are used to protect valleys and the repair would cost around $20 for a piece that is 10 feet long. 

  • Skylights: The problem could be with the skylight itself or the flashing. Flashing can become corroded from water running down a sloped roof and becoming trapped where it flattens, or the window can crack and let water inside. The skylight can be patched using silicone sealant that costs around $5, however, replacing flashing will cost between $25 and $80. 

  • Granules: Granules are the rough surface of shingles that aids in protecting them from wear and tear and UV rays. Granules can sometimes become too worn down leaving a bare patch. Shingles can be bought in bundles that cost $30 and can then be replaced. 


If you are aware of any leakage or damage, then you can possibly prevent any more from occurring. Maintaining your roof will aid you in the long run as it could keep it in better condition so you won’t have to spend money on a roof repair.    

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