Is Irvine A Business Hub? What Kinds of Businesses Thrive in Irvine?

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Is Irvine A Business Hub? What Kinds of Businesses Thrive in Irvine?

Orange County is a popular and a favorite destination for many different kinds of enthusiasts, from beach lovers to die-hard Disney fans alike. Breathtaking ocean views and beautiful hikes are great attractions for those seeking fitness and adventure. Great culinary scenes are welcoming to foodies from all over, and culture lovers are happy to explore the thriving art communities.


However, Orange County is just as much business as it is party, and the thriving business hub of Irvine stands as proof. A great space for both small and large businesses, let’s take a look at how different businesses do so well in Irvine.


Small businesses


Just as the Irvine Standard lays out, Irvine isn’t just a great place for businesses, it’s the best place in California to start a business. With such a well-educated population and a great geographical placement, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. The master-planned community leverages its proximity to LA and San Diego urban spaces, allowing for a wide variety of successful small businesses and companies, from fashion to entertainment and everything in between.


If you want to support small businesses in Irvine, you can find clothing and accessories at local stores like KESTAN and Un.Affected. Get some great local grub at HiroNori and Urban Seoul. With such a lively small and local business scene, there’ll surely be a small business to support just about anywhere you look!


Bigger businesses


Of course, being a great spot for businesses to thrive isn’t limited to local business. The same reasons that make Irvine great for startups and small companies also grab the attention of plenty of big names. This, and being able to take advantage of talent in the community, especially with University Research Park and UC Irvine in the neighborhood.


Take a stroll through the city and you’ll see names like Google, BlackBerry, and Amazon decorate the Spectrum District, as well as plenty of other Fortune 500 companies. Having this presence in town is not only a testament to Irvine as a business hub, but is also great for the local economy and for creating plenty of local jobs.

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