What Are The Most Affluent Areas To Live in Orange County?

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What are the most affluent areas to live in Orange County?

Orange County is known for a lot of amazing things. From the magic of the happiest place on Earth, to the stunning views on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, to so many wonderful things to do and see in between, it’s no wonder that many Orange County communities are such coveted places to live and visit. Orange County is, of course, known for one other thing: money.

Alongside the beautiful sites and magical experiences, it’s no secret that it costs a pretty penny to live in many of the Orange County communities. So, whether you’re setting your goals high for a future residence or you’re getting ready for a career-located relocation to OC, here are some of the most affluent areas to live in Orange County.

Laguna Beach

A vibrant community full of artists and art-lovers alike, Laguna Beach is home to beach-lovers, cultural enthusiasts, amazing food like the incredible Mexican seafood establishment Las Brisas, and, of course, some high living costs.

Laguna Beach is the most expensive city on this list, with a median home price of about $2.7M and a median rent of about $2.3k. The median household income rests around a comfortable $186K, usually coming out of a 2-income home. Laguna Beach is a beautiful community with plenty to see and do each and every single day—but this beauty comes at a price!

Newport Beach

Maybe it’s having “Beach” in the name that drives prices up, but Newport Beach is second on our list. The city is famous for whale-watching, surfing, great foodie spots, fun hikes, and, appropriately, yachting.

Laguna Beach edges out Newport Beach due to recent economic trends, but to be sure: Newport Beach is not far behind. Median home price falls just over $2.2M with a median household income of about $127K. Although the tides may have shifted, Newport was once called the richest city in the US.

Dana Point

Third on our list and the first to not sport “Beach” in the name is Dana Point. Home to the longest running Festival of Whales on the planet, Dana Point is very well known for being a fantastic whale and dolphin watching spot.

Whales don’t pay rent, however, and Dana Point residents unfortunately do. The median home price here is just over $1.4M, with the median rent resting just above $2K and the median household income being just under $100k. These numbers are still certainly nothing to scoff at, but they are a noticeable step down from our other two cities listed above.

Wherever you go in Orange County, you’re bound to find similar numbers in many of the communities. Following on the list would be Rossmoor, Los Alamitos, San Clemente, and Villa Park. Las Flores is the first name that has a median home price below $1M (just barely). To be sure, however, these high prices are not for nothing. Between and around these valuable homes are even more valuable communities and experiences that give Orange County the shining reputation it has each and every day. Whether it’s sooner or later, if the tides of live are bringing you to OC in the future, we’ll be glad to see you here!

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