Why is Springtime Best for Commercial Roofing Repairs?

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Why is Springtime Best for Commercial Roofing Repairs?

Keeping your roof in good repair is essential to avoid major problems down the road. Sometimes problems can be so severe you might have to shut down operations while it’s being repaired, and that can have a serious effect on your bottom line. Tackling small problems early is the best way to avoid this. No matter how high quality your roof is, the constant harsh UV rays of the sun, wind, rain and debris can cause small maintenance issues for your roof.


So when is the best time to get these repairs done? Obviously, if you have a serious issue with your roof involving water leakage or missing roof tiles or shingles, that is something that needs immediate attention. If you have repairs that can wait, spring is often the best time of year to do them. Here are several reasons why springtime is the best season to have your commercial roof repaired and maintained.


Repairing all of winter’s damage


Winter tends to be the roughest time for your roof. Even here in Southern California we can get our share of intense storms that may damage shingles or tiles. Other parts of your roofing system are vulnerable as well: ventilation pipes, gutters and flashing. All of these may need attention after winter’s storms give way to the pleasant spring weather.


Waiting until winter is finished is helpful as well. It can be difficult to get work done when more storms keep blowing through. So when the sunshine has returned, it’s a great time to get started on all those roof repairs. Remember though, that no matter what time of year it is, if you are having water intrusion from the roof, or you notice serious damage taking place, reach out to Horizon right away.


Less weather interruptions


Winter in Orange county can be unpredictable. Sometimes, it feels like it’s a really mild year, but then a huge storm rolls through. You never really know. When you wait until around April to get started on your roofing repairs, you can be fairly sure that work won’t have to be delayed just because of wet weather.


It’s not just winter that can cause delays. Though we love our mild summers here, we do have our fair share of heat waves. Scorching summer heat can send roof temperatures into triple digits. That can mean work might have to slow or stop until things cool off.


More available start dates


The busiest time of year for roofing companies is definitely the fall. As the days get shorter and the weather gets cooler, many businesses are looking to shore up any roofing that needs attention. This means it can be more difficult to secure a date to start your project.


Getting that work done in the spring means many more open slots. When fall comes, you can sit back and relax, knowing you already took care of all your roofing repairs. Since spring is a less busy time, roofers are often able to get through each project a little faster than when they are working on multiple projects at once. This means less disruption for your company.


Spring repairs means lower summer cooling costs & winter heating costs


By having your roof inspected and repaired during the spring, you’ll be preventing problems that lead to cold and warm air leaks. This is essential for keeping your HVAC costs in check. Any cracks or leaks in your roofing system mean that the scorching heat from the sun is more likely to enter your structure. This can send your air conditioning costs through the roof on those hot days.


Similarly, you want to do everything you can to minimize cold air from getting in during the winter months, which means you won’t be spending more on heating costs.


What maintenance do you need when spring comes?


The first step in any springtime commercial roofing maintenance is to schedule an inspection with Horizon. We will come out and take a first hand look at your roof. We’ll go over all necessary repairs and give you an idea of what things need to be done now, and what things might be able to be scheduled for another time.


Your expert roofer will take a look at gutters, flashing, tiles and all other roofing materials to make sure everything is in tip top shape. Anywhere there’s damage, we’ll be able to make minor repairs to make sure that when the storms do come, water will roll off the roof the way it’s supposed to.


When your roofer takes a look at your roof, they can also give you an idea of the general condition, so you know how to plan for the future. It makes much more sense to spend on smaller repairs for a younger roof. When the roof is closer to the end of its predicted lifespan, your roofer can give you a good sense of when it’s time to think about replacement.


Spring maintenance keeps your commercial building looking great


Part of springtime roof maintenance means removing any debris, moss and dirt that has accumulated during the winter. Doing so is an essential part of making sure that water is channeled away from the roof, rather than pooling where it can do damage.


When the maintenance is completed, your roof will look great, fresh and renewed. This sends a message to your customers that you care about keeping your place of business in tip top shape. It looks professional and can set you apart from your competition. Customers and clients notice these small details!


When should you call to set up an appointment?


Remember that if you have questions at any time of the year, give Horizon a call. We can let you know if it’s a problem that can wait until the spring, or if it needs to be addressed now. You should never wait to fix problems that are leading to water damage, or present a structural or safety issue.


For regular repairs, give us a call in early spring and we’ll get you on the schedule right away. This means we’ll be able to start your repairs quickly and finish the job right on time.





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